Member Profile: The Couchiching Conservancy

How long have you been around and who helps run your land trust?

The Couchiching Conservancy was created in 1993 with the intent of protecting natural land in the region. It was established as a non-profit, non-government land trust supported by different individuals and volunteers. The Couchiching Conservancy strives to protect habitat for plants and animals as well as creating a healthy community.

Today, the Couchiching Conservancy has thrived and helped to protect over 12,000 acres of special natural land, some of which are globally rare ecosystems. Many of these properties have been donated by giving people who wish to see their property leave a living legacy. The Couchiching Conservancy is based out of Orillia, and sits on one of the land trusts beautiful protected properties – Grants woods.


 What is the project or program that you are especially proud of, and you would like people to know about?

 The Couchiching Conservancy is proud of the extremely successful series of events known as Passport to Nature. These events run throughout the year and help the community get outside and explore the Couchiching Conservancy properties. This includes hiking trips, biking, birding and more!

What is so exciting about these events is the huge turnout the events raise. It was not just volunteers who came out to the events, but people from all over the community. These events acted as great outreach and have helped spread a lot of awareness about the great work the Couchiching Conservancy does for nature.

To learn more about these on-going events, visit:



What is on the Horizon for the Couchiching Conservancy?

The Couchiching Conservancy will continue their work towards securing and protecting more private land. In the recent strategic plan, the Couchiching Conservancy has outlined a goal of working towards securing 2,500 more acres of land acquisition. The staff is very excited to continue working towards this goal.