About Land Trusts in Ontario

What is a Land Trust?

Land trusts are charitable organizations focused on stewarding, protecting and restoring significant natural landscapes.

Land trusts take direct action to preserve our natural spaces by acquiring properties and protecting them for present and future generations.

Land Trusts and conservancies are generally local in scope and operation, but may be provincial, regional or even national. Most land trusts focus on conserving the ecological values of land, but across the continent, land trusts have been established to protect scenic, historical, agricultural, and recreational lands as well.

How do local Land Trusts work?

As not-for-profit incorporated charities, these organizations are able to raise funds to purchase land or restrictive covenants (also known as easements) that protect the ecological features of properties.

Local land trusts are also able to receive donations of land and easements and are mandated to protect these sites in perpetuity. Through the help of generous donors and land owners, land trust have been able to conserve over 80,000 acres of ecologically significant lands in Ontario, and this number grows every year.

Members of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA) commit to implement the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices. Achieving these standards ensures the continued confidence of funders, regulators, and donors like you!

Save the land you love!

  • Support land conservation by making a donation to OLTA
  • Become a member or volunteer with your local land trust
  • Protect your land – find a land trust active in your region through our website!

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